NVIDIA R325.08 Beta Graphics Driver For Linux

GpuTest, FurMark module - Linux
GpuTest 0.4.0, FurMark module under Linux

NVIDIA has published a maintenance version of its graphics drivers for Unix systems. R325.08 fixes many bugs (GLX, OpenGL, X Window, …) and supports all GeForce cards from GeForce 8 to latest GeForce GTX 700 series as well as Quadro boards. The complete changelog can be found HERE or on the download page.

If you are under Linux Mint and need some help to install R325.08, just check this article: How to quickly Install NVIDIA R302.11 Drivers Under Linux Mint 13).

R325.08 Downloads

R325.08 is an OpenGL 4.3 driver and exposes 274 OpenGL extensions and 28 GLX extensions. The complete list of all extensions is the same than for R319.23 and can be found HERE.

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