(WWWDC 2013) What’s New in OpenGL for OS X 10.9

 What's New in OpenGL for Mac OS X 10.9

Here is a presentation of the new features of OpenGL we will find in OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Covered: OpenGL 4, tessellation shaders, instancing, uniform and texture buffer objects, draw indirect, interoperability with OpenCL.

3 thoughts on “(WWWDC 2013) What’s New in OpenGL for OS X 10.9”

  1. przemoli


    Now game devs wont have trouble with proting DX11 titles to OSX and by extension to Linux.

    And bad, since FLOSS Linux drivers wont have OGL 4.0 untill somewhere in the next year. (3.2+3.3 are on their way now)

  2. ltcommander.data

    Many DX11 games make use of compute shader which isn’t in OpenGL 4.1 and Apple doesn’t provide extension support. Will this be an impediment in bringing DX11 titles over to Mac? Apple talks about using OpenCL with OpenGL, but is there a noticeable performance impact with interop compared to compute shader and will it require significant recoding?

  3. przemoli


    There is still OpenCL which is very good on OSX since Apple took strong stance on it.

    So yes, DX11 porting is at last possible without loss of functionality. (Perf depend as usuall on gpu drivers..)

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