AudioSmoke: Sound-Responsive CUDA Based Particles

I already wrote about Visual Compute HERE and their CUDA experiments. Their latest experiment is done with AudioSmoke, a realtime 3D visual computing application written in C#. AudioSmoke aims to visualize particles under different force field conditions. NVIDIA CUDA is used for the parallel computation of the particle system. The particles react on sound input (FFT analysis in use –Fast Fourier Transform) and can be explored interactively in 3D space using a space navigator. The video shows 3.2 million particles under different force field conditions. Direct3D 11 was used for realtime rendering.

On the basis of the original video A a visual remix was created. It used the original video A as an input for the dynamic heightmapping method adapted from the video B to obtain a new visual representation. This time the visualization is based on a regular tesselated surface instead of a point cloud.

Video A

Video B

The author will release shortly a standalone executable for testing…

More visual computing art experiments can be found HERE.

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