5 thoughts on “GeForce Titan: Twice Faster than GTX 680”

  1. geronte


    Well, this image is a fake, or at less it´s a more probable fake than the original image.

    Why? Because if you use a very poorly method for hide the graphic card model in a screenshot, like the one in the original image (something simmilar to “Paint” and the use of “Pencil”), then you destroy ALL the information behind this manipulation (probably a bmp or jpeg, no layers, no “transparency”, etc).

    But, it´s something more in the link that you post thar reveals that is a fake:

    It´s posible see the graphic card model behind the manipulation of the image, but you can´t see nothing about the “Time” of the test. So, it´s clearly suspicious.

    PD: I think that the original one is a fake, but this second image is a more obvious fake.

    A “contra”-fake.

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