NVIDIA Project SHIELD: A Pocket Version of a GeForce GTX PC


NVIDIA Project SHIELD is an interesting product: it’s a gaming portable under Android. The interesting thing is that you can not only play Android games but you can also play PC games… via WIFI.

Project SHIELD can connect to a PC via WIFI and display the content of Windows (the PC game). The game rendering is done on the PC and SHIELD only display the final image:

Most PC gamers own a fairly sizable games library. But unlike music and video which can be streamed freely around the house, playing PC games requires sitting in front of a PC. Even if the picture could be streamed, where would it stream to and how would one interact with it? SHIELD elegantly solves both problems. With a 5” 1280×720 screen and a full sized controller, it is capable of not only displaying a PC game in its full glory, it lets you play it too. And because the rendering is done on the PC and the picture is streamed as video, you get GeForce GTX class graphics and long battery life. It’s kind of like having a GeForce GTX PC in the palm of your hand combined with the battery life of a Tegra device.

NVIDIA Project SHIELD connected to a PC via WIFI

The SHIELD device is powered by a Tegra 4 processor made up of a quad core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU and 72 custom GPU cores:

NVIDIA Project SHIELD - Tegra 4 processor

A 5-inch 1280×720 retinal multi-touch display, a console-grade game controler as well as a bass-reflex audio system are the other features of this portable device.

SHIELD should be launched in Q2 2013.

More information is available here: NVIDIA Untethers Gaming with Project SHIELD.

I wonder if we can see any PC 3D applications on SHIELD (like a simple OpenGL demo) or it is limited to some SHIELD-certified applications?

9 thoughts on “NVIDIA Project SHIELD: A Pocket Version of a GeForce GTX PC”

  1. fellix

    Sadly, the GPU part is still not unified. The pixel pipeline is FP20 only, so no full OGL_ES 3.0 support(?).

  2. Psolord

    If this will be priced right and comes with HDMI connectivity, I think I’m gonna love it.

  3. DrBalthar

    Looks ugly typical nVidia bad design. This is not gonna fly at all. Epic failure from the start

  4. Anon

    @DrBalthar: Typical brain washed AMD fanboy. Enjoy HD 8000 +30% performance jump. Oh wait, it’s rebrand.

  5. DrBalthar

    @Anon Well you seem to enjoy nVidia’s typical bullshit marketing even that Tegra4 claim is already completely ridiculous as it will be trashed by Qualcom’s new Snapdragon. But that’s JJH for you every 2nd word out of his mouth is basically a lie

  6. Vojtech

    I think display should be bigger. Does it have bluetooth? But i still want one.

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