NVIDIA R310.64 Beta Graphics Drivers for Windows With Far Cry 3 Optimizations


NVIDIA has just released a new set of graphics drivers in beta version for Windows.

This GeForce driver is recommended for the best experience in the blockbuster holiday games. GeForce 310.64 drivers add optimizations for Far Cry 3, providing up to 38% faster performance.

Desktop downloads

Notebook downloads

NVIDIA R310.64, GPU Caps Viewer

Like R310.54, R310.64 is an OpenGL 4.3 driver with 301 OpenGL extensions and 26 WGL extensions.

2 thoughts on “NVIDIA R310.64 Beta Graphics Drivers for Windows With Far Cry 3 Optimizations”

  1. komar

    Jeu Magnfique

    Just one advice in case you are using SLi technology like me you should catch Nvidia Inspector and change FC3 profile with the right Offset Bit for SLi (DX11 SLI bits) wich is 0x0C1902F5.

    Now you should enjoy perfect scaling on both gpu’s. Nvidia anyway is working on a fix ASAP.

    My 690 gtx was running the game under DX9 API with a perfect scaling on both cores.
    But when using DX11 APi the game was running only one core resulting bad performance.

    This Game anyway is the new GPu Killer, like Crysis seven years ago
    Dx11 had issues anyway when firing occurs some stuttering, it wasn’t the case under Dx9.
    Even if the ocean,nor the sea is displayed one the screen, lowering water effect boosts up the FPS, So I’m Asking to myelf if like the “Sthealth Use of Tesslation” à la Crysis 2 s’il vous plait( if you know what i mean…)
    Mid and lowrange GFX cards should run the game in DX9 api only : DX11 is a struggle !
    Clearly game is HEAVY CPU limited like shown in GURU3D or PCGH tests.
    FUll Alpha to coverage(Like TRSSAA) on the vegetation require massive gpu power and a heavy workload unlike the combination of MSAA.

    Maxed Out 2880×1620 / MSAA x2 / A2C (Alpha 2 Coverage) on max / HBAO (nvidia chip) on ULTRA
    Average fps is 47 fps, minimum 35 fps and max 62.

    If i want to fully maxed out the game i have to swith to lower resolution like 1080p
    Even with a “well Oced” 690 (1200 mhz on both cores and 7400 mhz on Gddr5)
    MSAA x8 can be add and fps are better min 45/ avg 60 / max 110.

    Voila My 1st impression on this game, “technically speaking”.
    Apologize for my poor english speaking im just a little frog 😎

    Ps: GOTY 2012 ! (Hitman also maybe…)

  2. NV

    Nvidia has released GeForce 310.70 WHQL drivers.





    Notebook drivers


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