k|ngp|n Smashes Three 3DMark 11 World Records with EVGA Hardware

With a ton of LN2 and GTX 680 Classified overclocked at close to 2100MHz, k|ngp|n has been able to break these 3DMark 11 records:

– 3DMark 11 Performance (Single Card) – P17,047
– 3DMark 11 Performance (2-Way SLI) – P25,380
– 3DMark 11 Extreme (4-Way SLI) – X17,384

EVGA GTX 680 Classified - Power target set to 200%
A power target set at 200% and a big offset in GPU core clock

3 thoughts on “k|ngp|n Smashes Three 3DMark 11 World Records with EVGA Hardware”

  1. Leith Bade

    Wow, that is amazing. They I suppose they didn’t even need the sneaky overvolting that MSI put into their higher end cards…

    Though how long before we hear rumors of the 780 🙂

  2. komar

    petite pensée personelle^^

    Reaching 10K (xtreme preset) with a 3930K @ 5ghz and a 690 gtx oced (1125/1250/3700) indeed a did a great job.

    uppering the vcore of gpu to 1.2V even 1.25V allow most of users to run their kepler to 1350/1400 mhz with WC and sometimes even with aircooled solutions.

    780gtx should be as fast as a sli of 680 gtx oced (4gb version)

  3. nuninho1980

    Do not try running 4-SLi at default – 3DMark 11!? Why?? :S
    But NOT HAVE any bottlenecked by CPU for GPU tests only except other tests. 😉

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