2 thoughts on “CPU vs GPU and the Demoscene”

  1. pk

    Except Athene is a tool and only has a vague idea of what he is talking about, and should stick to gaming. This video doesn’t really meet the standards of this blog to be honest.

  2. ftw

    Despite what marketing says, it is not correct that GPUs have hundreds of cores. They have a handful of cores, with several very wide vectors units. They consider each vector component a “core”, and hence they claim there are hundreds of “cores”. But it’s like saying that a car with a V8 has eight engines…

    The thing is, a CPU has vector units too. In fact recent Intel processors have two vector units of 8 components each. So using the GPU manufacturer’s logic, a mainstream CPU would have a total of 64 “cores”, running at three times the clock frequency. And that’s one of the reasons why the demoscene can still create really amazing graphics with just the CPU!

    To see what modern software rendering is capable of, check out SwiftShader.

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