GeForce GTX 780 (GK110) In Preparation

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According to, NVIDIA is preparing the GeForce GTX 780, based on the GK110 GPU (full Kepler architecture). The GTX 780 might be available for the end of this year or for the beginning of 2013. The GK110 will is made up of 7.1 billion transitor and should pack 2880 CUDA cores. 2880 cores (15 SMX, 192 cores per SMX) is not a full GK110 but a limited version for the consumer / gaming market (GeForce cards). The full GK110 (3072 cores) is reserved for the computing sector and should power the Tesla K20 announced for Q4 2012.

NVIDIA Tesla K20
NVIDIA Tesla K20

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7 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 780 (GK110) In Preparation”

  1. fellix

    Ahem… the full configuration of GK110 is already 15 SMX (2880 ALUs).

  2. Axel

    There are only 15 SMX on the die, so there can’t be a 3072 core SKU, sorry.

  3. komar

    GK112 it’s sweet name is 690 gtx …. ( 256 bits bus ring x2 = 512 bits)

  4. fellix

    That roadmap is a made up speculation and wasn’t sourced by Nvidia.

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