NVIDIA R306.02 Beta Driver for Win7 and Win8


Today is the driver day for NVIDIA. After releasing a new driver for Linux (R304.43), NVIDIA rolls out a new driver for latest versions of Windows, I mean Win7 and Win8. This driver supports the new GTX 660 Ti, installs PhysX v9.12.0604, adds/updates a bunch a SLI / 3D Vision profiles and brings bugfixes. For more details, just visit this page.

You can download R306.02 beta from these links:

NVIDIA R306.02 + GTX 680 + GPU Caps Viewer + Win7

R306.02 is an OpenGL 4.2 driver (OpenGL 4.3 support is currently only available on developer drivers, see HERE) and exposes 301 OpenGL extensions (GL=275 and WGL=26) for a GTX 680, like R304.48.

Update (2012.08.29)
The release notes say that R306.02 is an OpenGL 4.3 driver. Actually it’s not the case, R306.02 is an OpenGL 4.2 driver. If you look at the content of either nvoglv32.dll or nvoglv64.dll, you’ll find only OpenGL 4.2 and previous versions of OpenGL strings:

NVIDIA R306.02, inside NVOGLV32.DLL

Inside an OpenGL 4.3 driver, you’ll find the “4.30” string:

NVIDIA R305.67, inside NVOGLV64.DLL

7 thoughts on “NVIDIA R306.02 Beta Driver for Win7 and Win8”

  1. John Smith

    Supports OpenGL 4.3 for GeForce 400-series and later GPUs. (from description)

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Yep from the release notes, the driver is OpenGL 4.3 capable. Maybe a bug in GPU Caps Viewer. I’ll test it asap.

  3. wkh1982

    there also WHQL certified driver for 306.02



    XP 64-bit


    Vista/7/8 32-bit


    Vista/7/8 64-bit


  4. John Smith

    OpenGL Extensions Viewer says this is OpenGL 4.20 driver and nvoglv64.dll contains only 4.20 string, so it probably OpenGL 4.20 driver

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