Optimizing OpenGL Texture Transferts

Optimizing OpenGL Texture Transferts

Here is a talk and the presentation slides about how to optimize texture transferts in OpenGL. The presentation covers textures uploads in multithreaded applications, PBOs and synchronization (GL_ARB_sync). The talk is available HERE. You can download the presentation PDF HERE.

This presentation is also available in OpenGL Insights, a new OpenGL book, under the chapter Fermi Asynchronous Texture Transferts:

Book OpenGL Insights

For an overview of the contents, just visit this link.

3 thoughts on “Optimizing OpenGL Texture Transferts”

  1. Leith Bade

    Too bad they won’t enable dual texture transfers like they have on Quadro (and Telsla for CUDA) on GeForce.

  2. fellix

    Probably he means asynchronous host transfers. NV introduced in Fermi two host controllers working in parallel.

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