CLBenchmark 1.1.1 Released

CLBenchmark, OpenCL benchmark

An update of CLBenchmark has been released. CLBenchmark is an OpenCL 1.1 benchmark that supports CPUs and GPUs. The version 1.1.1 of CLBenchmark brings the following changes:

  • AMD Hybrid CrossfireX devices now identified correctly
  • NVIDIA Optimus devices now identified correctly
  • Raytrace now runs on AMD CPUs too
  • GPUs without display output like NVIDIA Tesla series now supported
  • Skip/Stop button added
  • Improved network stability and security
  • Minor stability and compatibility improvements

Here are the results with my EVGA GTX 680 with R304.48 (you can find the scores of a HD 7970 HERE):

CLBenchmark, GeForce GTX 680 scores

You can download CLBenchmark from this page.