Linus Torvalds: So NVIDIA F*ck You!

Linus Torvalds: So NVIDIA F*ck You!

Linus’position about NVIDIA Optimus support for Linux (for laptops with two GPUs, one integrated –Intel, and one discrete –NVIDIA).

And now, let’s wait for the F**k You t-shirts with Linus’face on them 😉

The full length talk is available here:

Aalto Talk with Linus Torvalds, hosted by Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) in Otaniemi on June 14, 2012. Linus was interviewed by Will Cardwell and followed with a Q/A session with the audience. Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “Linus Torvalds: So NVIDIA F*ck You!”

  1. MaNiAc


    As i see, he’s still a real role model for all those nervous wreck linux fanboys out there (who by the way still curse on Bill Gates’s mother for windows bugs, etc.)

    Way to go, old man, way to go. :-/

  2. joeblow

    MaNiAc he might be old, but he’s done more than you’ll ever do. :L

  3. Robert

    Well in terms of documentation to help the open source community to develop there own drivers, he is right. AMD opened up a lot of documents for older chips and Intel has very good documents online up to the HD3000 GPUs. NVidia however has no low-level docs available and all open source drivers are basically reverse engineered.

    Closed source wise NV provides very good up-to-date and fast drivers! For a long time there closed source drivers were the killer-argument to buy NVidia if you wanted to (dual)boot linux.

    So all in all I think ‘fuck you’ is too harsh!

  4. Mindcloud

    As bad as the optimus support is, its way ahead of ATI/Intel dual gpu cards.

  5. Licaon_Kter

    @Maniac: He said everything there, nVidia wants a big piece of the Linux mobile market (oh, yeah Android is Linux guys ;)) yet they don’t interact and don’t open their stuff with/to Linux as much as others (AMD/Intel/ARM OEMs) do. Keep in mind that Linus is speaking from the kernel dev position, so he’s not speaking about any closed binary driver performance and such, the way nVidia supports Linux that is. The open nvidia.ko kernel module is useless today, barely updated on every new chips release so you can boot the machine in VESA like modes, luckily the community with Nouveau has picked up support where nVidia does not give a flying f***. As a Linux user and nVidia customer (yeah closed source blob performance rocks, no denying there) I do understand where he comes from. Also keep in mind that this is not his first public swearing and such, Linus keeps devs on all fronts on his FU list. 😉

  6. MaNiAc

    Did i ever criticized the thing he said? Nope. I criticized the way he said it.

    @joeblow: and you know that because… ?

  7. Rosario Leonardi

    As a EeePc with Optimus owner I confirm Linus’s words. I was forced to use windows and instal MinGw to develop.. grrrr!!!

  8. Promilus

    “Linus is just another oversized self entitled child”
    Yeah, just like you 😉

  9. moxxi

    Linus is mede in Windows now.
    Linus should use windows.
    why didn’t he notice it.

  10. MattD

    Really sad, because there is a hell of a lot else that he is talking about that is more important.

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