(Computex 2012) ASUS ROG Matrix HD 7970

ASUS HD 7970 Matrix

The first pictures of upcoming ASUS’ HD 7970 Matrix are available from the Computex 2012 by the guys of VR-Zone. The card features two 8-pin power connectors while the reference HD 7970 has one 6-pin and one 8-pin:

ASUS HD 7970 Matrix

Like the GTX 580 Matrix, this HD 7970 Matrix has a GPU load indicator embedded in the VGA cooler:

ASUS HD 7970 Matrix

And I guess that shortly we’ll see some pictures of the Mars III



One thought on “(Computex 2012) ASUS ROG Matrix HD 7970”

  1. SMiThaYe

    Able to drive 6-displays and comes with a 25% bump in clocks, nice idea but the ROGs have to realise the horizontal bezel is a massive blindspot.

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