Who has WebGL?

Who has WebGL?

Just to contribute a bit to the stats of webglstats.com, I will add to Geeks3D.com this small script to track information about the WebGL capabilities of your system:

  src   = "http://cdn.webglstats.com/stat.js"
  defer = "defer"
  async = "async"

Currently the script is in testing on this post but it will be shortly deployed on the whole site if there’s no problem with it…

6 thoughts on “Who has WebGL?”

  1. Florian

    Awesome, let me know if you’ve got any problem with it. The tracker also collects various other webgl values which are below the main header, and there’s also a calculator to figure out how much each requirement will cost you in platform share.

  2. samsi suardi

    Nice! In a few years maybe webgl become a web standard. Bye bye flash…

  3. Robert

    samsi suardi: Everyone except Microsoft has some WebGL support or is working on that already. But: Flash is more than 3D rendering! There are no content creation tools comparable to what flash has. While technically with html5 and WebGL we could do everything we could do with Flash, but there are lots of designers and webdevelopers out there that are used to Flash and related tools and those guys are no 3D developers.
    Flash will die and WebGL/html5 will get adopted (partially thanks to the pressure of Flash-less mobile devices!) but it will take quite some time! And that’s not for technical reasons…

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