NVIDIA GTX 680 Tech-Demo Short Preview

A very short preview of the GeForce GTX 680 tech-demo. Should be released shortly.

8 thoughts on “NVIDIA GTX 680 Tech-Demo Short Preview”

  1. Leith Bade

    Hmm, looks like PhysX fur…

    Perhaps you need to add fur simulation to FluidMark?

  2. DrBalthar

    OH NO! Dawn marked one of the biggest failures in nVidia’s history GeforceFX. It is foolish to bring her back!

  3. MaNiAc

    I still don’t get why people so concerned about Linux. During all those years, when it had its chance to go mainstream, Linux stayed a hobby OS for enthusiasts when it came to graphics. Now even for embedded systems we have so many alternatives like Android, Linux is getting more and more forgotten by each passing day. Sad, but true 🙁

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