10 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 680: HD 6990 vs GTX 690, GTX 685 GK110 Possible Specs”

  1. Psolord

    Well, the GTX 680 specs are already wrong, but I guess that a typo. They probably meant 1536 cores.

    A GK100/110 with 12 SMXs as these specs suggest, would be a serious behemoth though.

    I am getting more and more interested in 670/680, but I think it would be wise to wait for the big daddy.

  2. Jason

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the article says: GeForce GTX 680: HD 6990 vs GTX 690, GTX 685 GK110 Possible Specs, There is a picture of a 6990 and the table say 7970. Intensional or honest mistake? hmmm???

  3. Leith Bade

    lol at the Gaming Performance %….

    Completely arbitrary… ie what game, what res (must be low res considering 680 > 7970)

  4. Squall Leonhart

    don’t be a noob, nvidia won’t be releasing GK110 as a 600 part. any idiot would realise that.

  5. Squall Leonhart

    also geeks3d, have some quality would you, stop using sites that only post garbage for hits as a source. videocardz has never been right period.

  6. Squall Leonhart

    i mean.. really, the chart doesn’t even get the TDP or launch price right.

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