NVIDIA R296.17 Preview Driver for Windows 8


According to this news, NVIDIA begins to publish graphics drivers for Windows 8 (consumer preview). R296.17 supports all GeForce from GeForce 6 Series to GeForce 500 Series.

R296.17 Beta Downloads for Desktop

I tested this driver with a GTX 460 and it works fine:

Windows 8, R296.17, GPU Caps Viewer
GPU Caps Viewer 1.15.1

Windows 8, R296.17, GPU Caps Viewer

R296.17 offers the same kind of functionalities than R296.10 (OpenGL 4.2, OpenCL 1.1). PhysX System Software is older than the one in R296.10: v9.12.0203 for R296.17 while R296.10 comes with v9.12.0213. R296.17 is based on a new r295_97-7 development branch (r295_43-27 for R296.10).