GDC 2012: NVIDIA Tech Demo Walkthrough

NVIDIA shows a particle-based interactive fur rendering and a physics destruction / fracture demo.

And another particle based cool tech demo:

6 thoughts on “GDC 2012: NVIDIA Tech Demo Walkthrough”

  1. atikkur

    nvidia is great. will this be available on current dx11-gen cards?

    now we want implementation in consumer games, a.s.a.p.

  2. trollfed

    notice the guy mentions 1000 cores.. so clearly thats hint to the 670 GTX due soon.

  3. Megatex

    Looks like that monkey is wearing a sweeter, not very real to me.

  4. DrBalthar

    BOOOOORING! The usual boring nVidia physics demos. Seen a gazilion times.

  5. NV

    New 296.10 WHQL drivers out from Nvidia.


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