(Demoscene) Scenic: OpenCL and OpenGL Demo

Scenic: OpenCL and OpenGL Demo

Scenic is a small prod (no sound!) that features OpenCL based effect (physics). The rendering is based on OpenGL. The demo works fine on NVIDIA cards (I tested it on a GeForce GTX 470 + R295.73) but it does not work on AMD boards (I was unable to start it on a HD 7770 + Cat 12.2: KernelManager: no OpenCL devices found!). OpenCL kernels as well as OpenGL GLSL shaders are available.

Scenic: OpenCL and OpenGL Demo

You can download the demo HERE.

4 thoughts on “(Demoscene) Scenic: OpenCL and OpenGL Demo”

  1. Corwin

    Works good on 560Ti. Video loaded less than 70% according to MSI Afterburner through all parts of demo. I like STALKER-like textures here, I don’t like acid bumpy shiny textures in today’s UE3 games

  2. ToMMTi-Systems

    -> HD 7770 + Cat 12.2: KernelManager: (no OpenCL devices found!)

    If you have installed a newer Catalyst version ever and go back to an older Catalyst, OpenCL uninstall will not allow 12.2’s OpenCL to install properly, some OpenCL files are left over and kill OpenCL:

    – uninstall opencl(64).msi


    and C:\ProgramData\AMD\KDB

    – restart and install opencl(64).msi again

  3. komar

    ca bloque sur AMD(5970)
    CAT 12.3 prev

    not funcitonnal on mu HD5970.

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