WebGL Inspector 1.9 Released

WebGL inspector

WebGL Inspector is a debugger and profiler for WebGL. Here are the main features of WebGL Inspector:

  • Embed in an existing application with a single script include
  • Use as an extension without changing target code
  • Capture entire frames of GL activity
  • Annotated call log with redundant call warnings
  • Ability to step through all calls in a frame incrementally (back/forward/jump/etc)
  • Pixel history – see all draw calls that contributed to a pixel + blending information
  • Non-destructive to host page – everything happens in a separate GL context
  • Internal GL state display
  • Resource information (textures/buffers/programs/shaders)
  • Performance tuning options and statistics

More information is available HERE.

You can install the latest version 1.9 of WebGL Inspector using this link (Chrome/Chromium extension).