OpenCL Rigid Body Simulation Test

OpenCL Rigid Body Simulation Test, Radeon HD 6970
The rigid body simulation on a Radeon HD 6970

Here is a test of rigid body simulation in OpenCL. The rigid body pipeline runs 100% on GPU:

OpenCL_gpu_rigidbody_pipeline_AMD is a proof of concept of a rigid body simulation, entirely running on GPU using OpenCL. The demo currently only runs on AMD Radeon with up-to-date graphics/OpenCL drivers. It works on a recent NVIDIA GPU with latest 290.53 graphics drivers.

The OpenCL kernels are compiled the first time you run the demo. After that, the startup time should be much better.

You can download this prototype HERE.

I tested the demo on a Radeon HD 6970 with latest Catalyst 12.1 and the demo seems to work fine. But on GeForce GTX 460 with R90.36 it’s another story. All blocks fall together, that’all!

OpenCL Rigid Body Simulation Test, GeForce GTX 460
The rigid body simulation on a GeForce GTX 460

Source: Geeks3D forum

11 thoughts on “OpenCL Rigid Body Simulation Test”

  1. fellix

    Works correctly here, on my GTX570 and the latest beta drivers (295.51). I just had to edit the batch file for the Nvidia binary to enable interop for a nice speed-up.

  2. WacKEDmaN

    GTX470 + 9600GT..
    running the without_interop_nvidia.bat
    this uses 9600GT only..even with CUDA set in control panel to use only the GTX470..blocks move all together

    edit the bat to allow interop..
    this uses the GTX470..
    and works as it should

    running 295.51

  3. nuninho1980

    I tried to update 295.51beta and I can work 100% running GTX 480 but I think to OpenCL 1.1 is 1.5x slower than 1.0 because also for LuxMark but nvidia doesn’t fix this issue yet about 3 months…

  4. WacKEDmaN

    i wonder what the point of the AMD and nvidia versions of exe’s and bat’s is?
    i mean the AMD versions work identically to the nvidia versions

    without_interop_xxx works on the gtx470 if i change –preferred_gpu to 0 (from 1)
    with_interop is set to –preferred_gpu=1 but still runs on the gtx470..


  5. Corwin

    “but nvidia doesn’t fix this issue yet about 3 months…”

    NVidia has CUDA, OpenCL is for AMD.

  6. Corwin


    NVidia has CUDA, OpenCL is for AMD which can’t GPGPU at all, because of invalid VLIW5 design and screw hands.

    Now fixed.

  7. glupescu

    On GF9500GT with 285.62 (latest official driver) all blocks fall together – nothing interesting happens. It would be quite strange to be architecture feature dependent. Does it use anything special in particular ?

  8. APU-MIC

    By creating an efficient, close-to-the-metal programming interface, OpenCL will form the foundation layer of a parallel computing ecosystem of platform-independent tools, middleware and applications.

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