AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D 11 Demo: Leo in Sneeze The Day

AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D 11 Demo: Leo in Sneeze The Day

AMD has released a Direct3D 11 tech-demo to showcase the performance of Radeon HD 7900 series. This tech-demo is based on a (home-made?) engine in version 3.3 (build 1). Seems AMD ditched the Trinigy engine used in the previous HK2207 tech-demo. This D3D11 demo uses Bullet for physics and Fmod for the sound.

The Leo demo showcases a real-time, DirectX® 11 based lighting pipeline that is designed to allow for rendering scenes made of arbitrarily complex materials (including transparencies), multiple lighting models, and minimal restrictions on the number of lights that can be used — all while supporting hardware MSAA and efficient memory usage.

Specifically, this demo uses DirectCompute to cull and manage lights in a scene. The end result is a per-pixel or per-tile list of lights that forward-render based shaders use for lighting each pixel. This technique also allows for adding one bounce global illumination effects by spawning virtual point light sources where light strikes a surface. Finally, the lighting in this demo is physically based in that it is fully HDR and the material and reflection models take advantage of the ALU power of the AMD Radeon HD 7900 GPU to calculate physically accurate light and surface interactions (multiple BRDF equations, realistic use of index of refraction, absorption based on wavelength for metals, etc).

You can download the demo from this page (an account is required).

I tested this 740MB demo on two Radeon HD 6970 in CrossFire with an average framerate of 40 FPS. With one HD 6970, the FPS was around 20.

Hi-resolution pictures of the demo can be found here: AMD HD7900 Direct3D 11 Leo tech demo – (17 pictures total).

AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D 11 Demo: Leo in Sneeze The Day

AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D 11 Demo: Leo in Sneeze The Day

AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D 11 Demo: Leo in Sneeze The Day

AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D 11 Demo: Leo in Sneeze The Day

This demo is much better than the previous tech-demo for HD 6900 series. But there are still parts that lack of something to be really cool. In the following screeny, the contact between Leo’s feet and the ground is not realistic. A touch of AO (ambient occlusion) or/and a bit of shadowing can improve the rendering…

AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D 11 Demo: Leo in Sneeze The Day

Source: Geeks3D forum

24 thoughts on “AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Direct3D 11 Demo: Leo in Sneeze The Day”

  1. Spiked_Mistborn

    It runs on my 5830s, but really punishes them. I ran a few tests with FRAPS at various resolutions. My system specs are: Win7Pro x64, Phenom II x3 @3.2, 4GiB DDR3 1600C7, 2 x Radeon 5830 1GiB @870GPU/1100MEM, CAT 12.1 preview.

    Test run FpsAvg Max Min
    1080p 11.9 16 8
    1080p CF 19.6 27 13
    720p 22.1 31 13
    720p CF 36.1 48 18
    480p CF 43.7 63 26

  2. Leith Bade

    What FPS does a real 7970 get? Perhaps the shaders have been ‘optimised’ for the 7970 and hence run slow on older cards.

  3. mareknr

    I presume that this demo doesn’t run on NVIDIA GPUs. Is that true? And which HW is used to accelerate Bullet? CPU or GPU?

  4. Spiked_Mistborn


    I’m guessing the 30fps was your average at 1080p, or some similar resolution? My average was 19.6fps, so that is probably about right since the 5830 is so cut back and I’m also not really pushing the clock speeds too hard. 1120 vs 1440 SP, 16 vs 32 ROPs probably accounts for the rest of the difference.
    5830CF = 2240SP, 32ROPs
    5850CF = 2880SP, 64ROPs
    I got my 5830s for about $110 each about a year ago, so I think they do pretty well for the price, considering I’m basically getting the same average fps as a single 6970.

  5. Spiked_Mistborn

    @Psolord – ok, I just watched your video, so it was 1080p. I just re-ran the 1080p CF test and got 21.4 avg fps, this time with Steam closed and my VNC service stopped. I noticed in your video that your overlay is showing gpu utilization in the high 80s much of the time. I wonder if you are CPU or PCI Express bandwidth limited? I am running with the same x8 2.0 to each card as you are and have similar results.

  6. Bro

    HD 7900 can only do this? 😀 Up (2009) has better visual quality. Bye bye, AMD.

  7. Psolord


    I believe that this game is cpu agnostic. There was too little cpu usage throughout so I don’t think the cpu has anything to do with it.

    I think it’s a driver issue and/or an architecture limitation. This demo was made with the 7970 in mind anyway.

    In other tests my 5850s show perfect 100% gpu load.

  8. ChevyDevil

    Really? A hollywood movie rendered weeks or months on a renderfarm with the most advanced raytracing techniques looks better than what a consumer gpu can do in real-time? Shame on AMD!

    Btw. the illumination is astonishing in this demo. The textures might not be great and ao is missing but show me one other realtime demo with this lighting quality.

    10FPS on a Radeon 5870 in 2560×1440

  9. mike

    xfx hd5970 1920×1080 fraps= 20 to 34fps + 8gb ram and intel i7 2600k cpu. when the guy is walking and setting up the camera fraps = 24fps and when dragon sneezes = 36fps. not bad for a 2 year old gpu

  10. TrollHunter

    hmmm must be something up with the 12.1 drivers, my factory overclocked 5870 isnt pull anywhere close to reasonable scores at 1080p, fraps was showing between 7 and 9 fps.

  11. TrollHunter

    hmm seems was driver related changed to 12.2 preview and tripled the frame rates

  12. DrBalthar


    Guess what Wallace&Gromit(2005), ChickenRun(2000) looked better than this and UP and you know why? Because it was REAL (REAL Glay animation)

  13. Bro

    @juzer78: wat? 😀

    @ChevyDevil: not sure if serious or ironic.

    @kontol, DrBalthar: what’s my point. AMD sucks on games and movies industry.

  14. gettoxp

    i have tested the demo it runs on my gtx580 ti superclocked @1ghz 1,5 gb.
    on first run a litle problem getting 3 screens on 1 monitor but after pressing esc button en click demo mode problem is gone.
    it runs pritty fast.

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