(Download) GPU-Z 0.5.8 Released, New Render Test for PCI-Express Bus and ASIC Quality Feature

GPU-Z 0.5.8

This new version of GPU-Z includes a render test (not a stress test) to put a small graphics load in order to accurately measure the PCI-Express bus configuration. Just read the explantion on the screenshot right above. The following screenshot shows the render test:

GPU-Z 0.5.8, Render Test for PCI-Express Bus

Th other new thing in GPU-Z 0.5.8 is the ASIC quality feature for recent GeForce GTX 400/GTX 500 and Radeon cards. In short, GPU-Z can quantify the quality of the GPU (which depends on the electrical leakages). For exemple on my MSI GeForce GTX 460 Cyclone:

GPU-Z 0.5.8, ASIC quality of a GTX 460

I will test this features on other cards asap!

You can find the ASIC quality menu here:

GPU-Z 0.5.8, Read ASIC quality menu

You can download GPU-Z 0.5.8 here:

GPU-Z 0.5.8 changelog:

  • Added explanation about PCI-Express power savings and 3D render test to accurately measure bus config under load
  • Added function to display ASIC quality for Fermi and Southern Islands. (Located in the GPU-Z system menu; click the icon in the top left of the window)
  • Fixed crash on older ATI cards
  • Added voltage monitoring for HD 7970
  • Improved real-time clock monitoring for HD 7970
  • Fixed OpenCL detection for AMD Antilles, Whistler, Seymour, Blackcomb
  • Improved default clock reading for AMD HD 7970 and Fusion
  • Added support for AMD FirePro V7900, HD 6930, HD 7690M, HD 6410D
  • Fixed Intel Sandy Bridge IGP to be DirectX 10.1, 32 nm
  • Added support for NVIDIA Tesla C2075, GeForce GT 630M

Source: Geeks3D forum

10 thoughts on “(Download) GPU-Z 0.5.8 Released, New Render Test for PCI-Express Bus and ASIC Quality Feature”

  1. Razinal

    my EVGA GTX 460’s ASIC quality is 81.4%.

    Does this mean I have a better card? or that mine is better (or worse) at power saving or OCing ?

    I ask this because I don’t understand what “depends on the electrical leakages” means.

  2. Zibri

    I don’t understand where this “asic quality” came from but it seems really bogus.

    With my EVGA GTX 580 (model 1580, reference) (I have 2 of them in SLI) I get 84% but both cards overclock wonderfully and much higher than other prople having 85 or 90%.


  3. Zibri

    Oh.. by the way.. I have 2 cards: same brand and model. The first card says 84%, The second one says: 75.4%

    That’s ridiculous.

  4. Zibri

    On another PC I have 2 PALIT GTX 460… the first one says 90.6% the second one says 67.7.


  5. kzinti1

    I’m also not quite sure what to think of this “test”.
    I’m running a pair of MSI GTX580 XE’s. One reads 85.4% and the other 65.7%. I don’t see how they could be so completely mismatched. A 20% difference with MSI’s top cards just doesn’t sound anywhere close to being right.
    Tested separately, they OC almost exactly the same, within 2%. Well within the tolerance of 2 like cards.

  6. SolarFox

    Card not supported, Sapphire 5870. So i don`t need to worry 🙂

  7. fellix

    Cypress was also binned for low and high leakage, so it should be able to provide that information too, if GPU-Z is being upgraded to read it.

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