CubeMapGen 1.6 Available

Modified CubeMapGen 1.6

CubeMapGen is tool developed by AMD for importing, filtering, visualizing, and exporting cubemaps. Unfortunately, AMD has stopped the development of this tool:

AMD CubeMapGen has reached end of life. AMD no longer supports CubeMapGen, but makes it available for download without warranty.

But fortunately for CubeMapGen users, a new project called Modified CubeMaGen is available, based on the source code of CubeMapGen. Modified CubeMaGen is hosted HERE.

The new version 1.6 of Modified CubeMaGen includes the following new things:

  • Use Multithread: Allow to use full hardware threads available on the computer. If uncheck, use the default behavior of Cubemapgen. However new feature are unsupported for the default behavior.
  • Irradiance Cubemap: Allow a fast computation of an irradiance cube map. When checked, no other filter or option are taken in count. An irradiance cubemap can be got by setting a cosine filter with a Base angle filter of 180 which is a really slow process. Only the base cubemap is affected by this option, the following mipmap use a cosine filter with default value but they should not be used.
  • Cosine power filter: Allow to generate a mipmap chain of prefiltered cubemap.
  • Cosine power edit box: Allow to specify the specular power to used for the first mipmap of the mipmap chain generate by Cosine power filter . Only enabled with cosine power filter.
  • Power drop on mip: Specify the scale to apply on specular power of the preivous mipmap for each new mipmap. Only enabled with cosine power filter.
  • Phong BRDF: This option is use only with cosine power filter. Enable it or not depends on your game lighting equation. If you used a Phong BRDF in your game (r.v * n.l which is more physically correct) check it, else this mean you will use the classic Phong lighting model (r.v).

More information about CubeMapGen 1.6 is available HERE.