ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 OpenGL Pixel Shader Benchmark Updated

ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 OpenGL Pixel Shader Benchmark, GeeXLab

1 – ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 Overview

The third update of ShaderToyMark, the coolest pixel shader benchmark, is out. ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 does not include new features but comes with some bugfixes thanks to the latest iteration of GeeXLab.

ShaderToyMark is an OpenGL benchmark based on hefty pixel shaders. These pixel shaders (all credits are available HERE) have been written by demomakers and are available on iq’s WebGL app: Shader Toy. ShaderToyMark is an application built with the GeeXlab demotool.

ShaderToyMark is perfect to rank the raw processing power of modern GPUs. Check out the scores page to have an overview of the scores.

SLI and CrossFire multi-gpu technologies are supported. Just use the tricks detailed HERE.

2 – ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 Download

(zip file, no installation required):

ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 OpenGL Pixel Shader Benchmark, GeeXLab

Update (2011.12.16):
ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 running on Intel HD Graphics. The pixel shader that causes the problem (iq’s Leizex) requires the support of GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 and that might explain the bug on Intel’s GPU…

ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 OpenGL Pixel Shader Benchmark running on Intel HD Graphics

23 thoughts on “ShaderToyMark 0.3.0 OpenGL Pixel Shader Benchmark Updated”

  1. Font Nazi

    Please put the program into a folder within the zip file!

    Also: Comic Sans? Really?

  2. Jonas

    Well when apple introduced first ipod, in they presentation they used comic sans and Steve Jobs looked pleased with that

  3. Font Nazi

    Something does not become less objectionable by not having been objected to by Steve Jobs, that would be a logical fallacy.
    Futhermore, when they first presented the iPod, their presentations where much worse than today.
    And lastly, while similar, the font used in the in the presentation is not Comic Sans.

  4. WacKEDmaN

    @Font Nazi: what more do you want for nothing?
    be greatful JeGX has put this out there for all of us to use

  5. JeGX Post Author

    Okay guys, the story about the font is interesting, but can your GPUs handle this benchmark?

    @WacKEDmaN: thanks mate!

  6. Font Nazi

    I gave in return my attention (which is what I assume the poster likes to have) and on top of that my advice (Put programs in zip into their own directories!)
    That’s a bit more than nothing. On top of that, I rightfully questioned the usage of the font as my membership in the Font Nazi Party demands.
    I’m not *asking* for anything, I’m merely giving feedback.

    @JeGX it runs on an AMD 5850 (175 points)

  7. WacKEDmaN

    GTX470 clocked @ 780/1560/1900/1.00v

    Resolution: 960×540 windowed
    Score: 282 points (47 FPS,60 Seconds)

    Resolution: 1280×720 windowed
    Score: 184 points (30 FPS,60 Seconds)

    Resolution: 1920×1080 fullscreen
    Score: 97 points (16 FPS,60 Seconds)

  8. nuninho1980

    I have Win7 x64 with AERO enabled and GTX 480 (stock+reference speed) with 285.62WHQL (HQ).

    I got 274 points (45 fps) at default. 😀

    ATTENTION: Very hot causes performance decreased abnormal after 1st time test but you must increase speed FAN from auto default to auto custom or manually 100% speed using EVGA precision or MSI Afterburner or other tool.

  9. nuninho1980

    You look my previous post.

    I got 277 points (46 fps) at default running XP x86 SP3 with 285.58WHQL (HQ). 😀

    XP is faster than win7 because XP is less CPU bottlenecked than 7. lol! 🙂

    –> Before 263.09beta (HQ) – XP x86 – 267 points (44 fps)

    Sorry, I forget CPU -> AMD Phenom II X6 1055T. 😉

  10. nuninho1980

    You got only 2 fps because iq’s Leizex (upper middle) may be too heavy despite black screen fixed. 🙂

    @JeGX and @guys:
    IMPORTANT: You look to read ATTENTION in 2011/12/16 at 23:01. 🙂

  11. JeGX Post Author

    @nuninho1980: you have a problem of overheating? What is the temperature of your GPU during the test?

  12. nuninho1980

    No, it’s occasion (peformance/freeze/BSOD problems) despite normal temperature but I think that 75ºC or hotter may affect performance.

    In Portugal, the temp of my room is +/-17ºC but it’s cold weather due to almost winter.

    I got max 78ºC (1 or 2 minutes) at FAN auto default after 2 or 3 times of test.
    I tried to turn manually to 100% FAN that it can cold to max 60ºC. 🙂

    Do you have same problem with GTX 480 and/or GTX 580 at auto FAN speed?

  13. Artanis

    default windowed: 413 points
    1080p fullscreen: 145 points

    r7870 hawk oc’d

  14. Dreaker

    Score : 369 points (61 FPS, 60 seconds)
    Renderer: GeForce Asus GTX660TI/PCIe/SSE2
    Resolution: 960 x 540
    MB Asus Maximus V extreme
    CPU: IntelR CoreTM i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
    Graphic Drv: 12-3-2012 – nvoglv32

    Happy Christmas to all

  15. nuninho1980

    I got 315 points running Win XP SP3 x86 with i5-2500K@4.2GHz and same videocard-320.49WHQL-HQ!!! WOWW! WTF!?! 😀 – look diference 2011/12/19 at 00:16

    I can improve much to this result because I think very likely new GeForce driver 320.49 (or CPU changed from AMD X6 1055T to i5-2500K).

  16. nuninho1980

    ooh, sorry! 2011/12/17 at 00:28 – bad but yes 2011/12/17 at 00:28

  17. Domino

    1596 x 1080
    8 x msaa

    225 points, 37 fps, 60 seconds (pcie/sse2)

    GTX 780 (3GB)
    FX 4100 (3.8)


  18. Domino

    960 x 540

    0 x msaa

    549 points, 91 fps, 60 seconds (pcie/sse2)

    GTX 780 (3GB)
    FX 4100 (3.8)

    cool tool. !


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