AMD Radeon HD 7970: Launch Date and Price

AMD Radeon Graphics logo

According to several sources, AMD’s upcoming high-end graphics card, the Radeon HD 7970 will be launched on January 9, 2012 and will be priced just over 500 euros or USD $550.

The Radeon HD 7970 will pack 2048 shader processors, 128 texture units and 48 ROPs on a Tahiti codenamed GPU (28nm TSCM), 3GB of GDDR5 memory with a 384-bit memory interface.


5 thoughts on “AMD Radeon HD 7970: Launch Date and Price”

  1. Leith Bade

    Awesome! About time. Hopefully this will make NVIDIA scramble to get something together to show the public like a prototype of the Kepler GPUs.

  2. ATibuzz

    They say launched and out for sale, well until new Geforce is out, Radeon will be at lower price already. Just keep cooling on quality side as always thats all users want from Radeon and of course Sapphire thats fo sure, what else?
    Maybe Pci-e 3…

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