Geeks3D Programming Links – December 06, 2011

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Here are some links I tweeted or retweeted about coding, programming and other stuff for developers. If you have a link, just send a tweet @JeGX.

Spenger Monge, GeeXLab
Spenger monge in GeeXLab (tutorial/demo soon available)

“Software should be a show. The development must have a tinge of entertainment. There must be a plot. Frequent releases are necessary.”

All Your History – Crytek Part 1: Cryating Worlds

All Your History – Crytek Part 2: Cryating Worlds

5 thoughts on “Geeks3D Programming Links – December 06, 2011”

  1. Michael Kelley

    Tracepoints link is incorrect (points to the Herb Sutter link.)

  2. WacKEDmaN

    nice one JeGX, ya have come up with the goods once again!

    cant wait to see ya Spenger monge (menger sponge) tutorial

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