Doom 3 Source Code Released

Doom3, code source released

id Software has released the source code of Doom 3 under GPL license. You can download it from this page: Doom 3 GPL source release @ github.

This source code should contain the new version of stencil shadow volumes algorithm rewritten by John Carmack due to some legal issues:

Lawyers are still skittish about the patent issue around “Carmack’s reverse”, so I am going to write some new code for the doom3 release.

Stencil shadow volumes in GeeXLab
An example of stencil shadow volumes (GeeXLab)

3 thoughts on “Doom 3 Source Code Released”

  1. Leith Bade

    I have created a fork:

    I plan to improve the Windows version of Doom 3.

    Might look at updating everything to GL 2 or 3. Perhaps 4 with tessellated walls…

    First thing I am working on is enabling precompiled headers and incremental linking to speed up compile times.

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Leith, let us know as soon as you get something!
    Doom 3 with GL 4 tessy walls could be fun.

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