(Tested) cRARk, OpenCL Password Cracker for RAR files (***Updated***)

Radeon cards, the perfect cracking hardware

UPDATE: cRARk author just contacted me about the problem on NVIDIA hardware:

As for fail on NVIDIA cards, it’s so simple in it’s written in the FAQ – you need to run driver-timeout.reg and reboot. (RAR kernel is so long and Windows can’t wait so much 😉

Indeed it’s simple when you know it 😀

cRARk is a free password cracker (or recovery tool ;)) for RAR archives. One interesting feature is the support of OpenCL for accelerating the cracking (for AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce cards). CUDA is also supported for NVIDIA cards.

cRARk is a command line tool and is very easy to use. If the password is not too long (less than 6 characters) you have many chances to find it with cRARk.

I tested the tool with a simple RAR file with the following password: toto. I first tested on a GeForce GTX 580 but without success. No matter the GPU computing API used (OpenCL or CUDA), there was still an error:

cRARk, CUDA, GeForce  GTX 580
CUDA version

cRARk, OpenCL, GeForce  GTX 580
OpenCL version

On a Radeon HD 6970 (with Catalyst 11.10 Preview 3), on the other hand, the OpenCL version of cRARk worked perfectly fine! Then I cracked my simple test file in 39 seconds. To find the password toto, cRARk has tested 411489 passwords at the rate of 10438 passwords / second.

cRARk, OpenCL, Radeon HD 6970
OpenCL version + HD 6970

The second test I did with the Radeon HD 6970 is to crack another RAR file, this time with the following password: t4t4:

cRARk, OpenCL, Radeon HD 6970
OpenCL version + HD 6970

The time to find the password was a bit longer (1min 37sec) but the tool did it!

This test confirms that AMD Radeon cards are still the hardware of choice for crackers (see this article: Radeon HD 5970: the Ultimate Password Cracking Hardware?)!

Where can you find cRARk? Really simple, just visit this page: cRARk: Fastest utility to crack RAR password.

17 thoughts on “(Tested) cRARk, OpenCL Password Cracker for RAR files (***Updated***)”

  1. Arun


    You should introduce +1 button for ur site and for all articles 🙂

  2. Psolord

    What about longer passwords?

    Also what about a comparison of a fast cpu vs the 6970? 🙂

  3. GPUToaster

    With my 450 it works with CUDA but takes to much time for 6 characters and even if my password is of 4 chars like ‘q2w1’, its starts testing for password length 5!!. Isn’t this some kinda bug?


  4. Steel

    I tested on my gtx460 , password “toto” find on 1:32 ,rate=4161p/s

  5. Squall Leonhart

    uh, no sorry, if yu need to adjust the tdr timeout config then the application is just fucked.

  6. Victor

    Do not know why it’s asking for “password.def” and this file isn’t present in the directory.

  7. Gr

    What this is for? i mean what to i gain craking pass from video cards? (sorry for my ignorance)

  8. Promilus

    @Gr – it’s useless until you got some pass protected RAR file with =<6 pass length and you want to look inside them. I have no need for that since I use 7z with some 18 char pass so not even supercomputer could compute correct pass in time 😉

  9. Victor

    @Promilus, yes )), and if you’re using chars like ~$@&~ in the password, you’re in trouble ))

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