Powercolor Releases The Devil 13 HD 6970 To Devastate Your Enemies

Powercolor Devil13 HD 6970

Yeah Powecolor has released the Devil 13, a Radeon HD 6970 for gamers and overclockers with a very cool design. This card comes with a dual-bios switch (the red button) that allows to increase the GPU core clock up to 960MHz and the memory (2GB GDDR5) up to 1425MHz. Default clock speeds are 880MHz for the GPU and 1375MHz for the memory.

The VGA cooler features two 92mm fans and four 8mm heatpipes and run quietly thanks to the lower fan speed. The power circuitry is based on a a 12-phase VRM and GPU voltage measurement points are available on the board.

And for the geeks, the bundle includes a screwdriver toolkit.

Powercolor Devil13 HD 6970

Powercolor Devil13 HD 6970

More information about this nice product: PowerColor DEVIL 13 HD6970 2GB GDDR5. The press release is available HERE.

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  1. Squall Leonhart

    [quote]To Devastate Your Enemies[/quote]

    impossible, its a Radeon.

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