GLIntercept 1.0.1 Released

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GLIntercept is an open source tool to intercept and log all OpenGL API calls under 32 and 64-bit Windows applications.

The main features of GLIntercept are:

  • Save all OpenGL function calls to text or XML format with the option to log individual frames.
  • Run time shader edit. Display shader usage and edit the shaders at run time. Supports ARB VP/FP/GLSL and NV VP/FP
  • Free camera. Fly around the geometry sent to the graphics card and enable/disable wireframe/backface-culling/view frustum render.
  • Save and track textures. (1D,2D,3D,NVRect and p-buffer bound textures are supported.) Saving can be to TGA,PNG and JPG formats.
  • Save and track shaders/programs. Current support in 0.41 includes ARB VP/FP/GLSL and NV VP/FP.
  • Save and track display lists.
  • Saving of the OpenGL frame buffer (color/depth/stencil) pre and post render calls. The ability to save the “diff” of pre and post images is also available.
  • Track error states (logging them to the debugger output) and breaking on errors.
  • Basic thread error checking.
  • Function timer log.
  • Resource leak tracking for contexts, display lists, shaders and textures.
  • OpenGL extension/version override. Add/remove/replace the OpenGL extension and version strings. (Test lower end rendering paths without changing cards)
  • OpenGL function stats – how many times each function is called.

Here are main changes brought by the version 1.0:

  • Added logging for lots more OpenGL entry points
  • Fixed startup bug with GLIntercept made OpenGL calls being logged
  • Fixed XML nested OpenGL calls issue (was broken in GLIntercept 0.42)
  • Update Display List logging to handle WGL/GLX font creation
  • Added geometry shader support
  • Shader editor supports multiple shaders of the same type in one program
  • Shader editor no longer causes errors with inserting #line when #version is used in the shader
  • Added unsigned integer shader semantic support to loggers and shader editor
  • Add x64 support (thanks to Kamil Patelczyk of Intel for initial code)
  • Worked around Nvidia multi-thread driver issue (no longer logging calls to wglGetPixelFormat)
  • Fixed some issues when using the image/frame logger and using a “core” OpenGL context.

You can download GLIntercept from this page.

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