Intel OpenCL SDK 1.5 Released

Intel OpenCL SDK

Intel has just released a new version of its OpenCL SDK for CPUs. This version 1.5 brings significant new features and new performance improvements:

Performance Enhancements

  • Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) code generation – full utilization of the Intel® 2nd generation Core™ Processors SIMD vector width.
  • Improved barriers – performance improvement when using the built-in work-group barrier function.

OpenCL Runtime Features

  • New Intel extension: cl_intel_immediate_execution – Immediate Command Execution is an extension which enables you to execute OpenCL commands in a single-threaded manner, using the calling thread to perform the actual execution.

OpenCL Development Tools

  • Intel® OpenCL SDK Debugger (beta version) – The Intel® OpenCL SDK Debugger is a Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2008 plug-in, which enables you to set breakpoints inside OpenCL kernels, examine values of variables, memory and stack trace.
  • Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers 4.2 (Intel® GPA) support of Intel® OpenCL SDK 1.5 provides full coverage of OpenCL on CPU profiling, including:
    distribution of the OpenCL commands and kernels, flow and dependencies between commands, duration of commands and kernels execution.
  • New features in the Intel® OpenCL SDK Offline Compiler: Linux* OS support, New features as described at Inspect your code with the Intel® OpenCL SDK Offline Complier

You can download Intel OpenCL SDK 1.5 HERE.

GPU Caps Viewer and Intel OpenCL SDK 1.5
GPU Caps Viewer 1.14.3

Source: Geeks3D’s forum