WebCL: Nokia Extension for Firefox 6 and Kernel Toy

WebCL, Nokia Kernel Toy

Nokia has updated its WebCL extension for Firefox 6. You can download the extension
from this link.

Once the extension is installed, you can check the WebCL support by clicking here. Firefox displays a warning message before displaying the WebCL support:

WebCL, Firefox warning

WebCL, Nokia WebCL is okay!

Now that WebCL is okay, you can play with Kernel Toy, a kind of WebCL live coding tool:

WebCL Kernel Toy

I slightly modified the code to extract the luminance. I have two OpenCL platforms on my system (one from NVIDIA and one from AMD) and by default, Kernel Toy uses the first OpenCL platform. If someone knows the trick to use another platform, that would be cool.

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One thought on “WebCL: Nokia Extension for Firefox 6 and Kernel Toy”

  1. Promilus

    Doesn’t work on Ubuntu with most recent APP SDK, does work correctly (I think) on WinXP with same version of SDK.

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