EVGA OC Scanner 1.7.2 Available

EVGA OC Scanner 1.7.2

A maintenance release of OC Scanner, EVGA’s GPU stress test utility and artifact scanner, is available.

OC Scanner 1.7.2 forrum thread @ EVGA can be found HERE.

OC Scanner 1.7.2 adds (or fixes the lack of) the support for Windows high DPI settings. OC Scanner is now more of less a DPI-aware app… With high resolutions like 1920×1080, many people increase the size of text in Windows control panel like as follows (Win7):

Win7 control panel - text size

Setting a size of 125% enlarges all applications. To be DPI-aware, an application must scale itself to take into account the new scale. By default, Windows is set to 96 DPI (100%). A setting of 125% corresponds to 120 DPI: 120/96 = 1.25. The app must uses this scaling factor to display properly the user interface. And scaling the app is critical when skinning is used like in the recent versions of OC Scanner.

EVGA OC Scanner, bad scaling with high DPI settings
Previous versions of OC Scanner were not really DPI-aware…

If you want to know how to write DPI-aware Win32 apps, check this page out, it’s a good start!

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  1. JeGX Post Author

    to be able to download OC Scanner, you must have a registered EVGA card… tough life!

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