Intel Haswell: Direct3D 11.1 Support in Windows 8

Intel Haswell: Direct3D 11.1

Here is a roadmap showing Intel’s Haswell processor planned for 2013 (based on a 22nm architecture). Haswell will be available with a Direct3D 11.1 capable GPU. Nice! I just hope that Intel will add a decent OpenGL 4.x support for Windows 8 and not only an old OpenGL 3.x one…

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  1. Arun

    I am not sure whether intel has updated the the document .. Right now Sandybridge supports directx 10.1 and openGL 3.1 and i think they can support openGL 3.2 …I am not looking for Directx support in intel as they don’t provide good driver support like nvidia .. i am just looking the video encoding features and steroscopic 3D support from them

  2. przemo_li

    Yes, graph seam to be a bit off current state.

    Also this notion that it is enought to advance each API by one minor revision…..

    The problem is that DX11 requires the same hwd as OpenGL 4.1! Any disparity can be simulated in drivers.

    Thats why we say DX11/DX10/DX9 level of hardware (and mean OGL4/OGL3/OGL2 level of hwd).

    Unfortunaleally, OGL 3.1 is only official info about IvyBridge… 🙁 OGL 4.1 is based on assumption that if DX11 will be supported than OGL 4.1 too (and it is true when have in mind AMD/Nvidia). But that is false assumption for Intel.

    Only hope may come from Linux Messa driver stack (if this is only lack of drivers), which could deliver decent OpenGL in unknown future.

  3. DrBalthar

    @Arun: You think Intel GL driver are any better? I don’t know on which planet do you live but that does not reflect my experience

  4. Arun


    I am from Earth and i am not sure whether you are blind or not .. i have mentioned it that they don’t provide good driver support.. Next time i will try to include some Braille script and see if you can read it properly 😀

  5. DrBalthar

    @Arun: Sorry your sentence was wrapped so you it can easily be read as there is no good Driver support for DirectX only.

  6. Arun

    @DrBalthar … Sorry .. My English sucks ..I will be extra careful next time .. Thanks

  7. matt

    While this is cool… what is new in the 11.1 spec. A quick google search net nothing concrete in the way of results.

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