AMD APP KernelAnalyzer 1.9 (OpenCL)

AMD APP KernelAnalyzer

AMD has published an update of its tool for OpenCL developers. AMD’s APP KernelAnalyzer is a tool to compile, analyze and disassemble OpenCL, Brook+ or IL (Intermediate Language) kernels for Radeon GPUs. APP SDK v2.5 or greater is required for OpenCL support and ATI Stream 1.4 for Brook+.

AMD APP KernelAnalyzer main features

  • Compile, analyze and disassemble the OpenCL kernel for multiple Catalyst driver versions and GPU device targets.
  • View any kernel compilation errors and warnings generated by the OpenCL runtime.
  • View the AMD Intermediate Language (IL) code generated by the OpenCL run-time.
  • View the ISA code generated by the AMD Shader Compiler.
  • View various statistics generated by analyzing the ISA code.
  • View General Purpose Registers and spill registers allocated for the kernel.

Official page and download: APP KernelAnalyzer @ AMD.

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