Geeks3D Programming Links – July 01, 2011

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Here are some links I tweeted or retweeted about coding, programming and other stuff for developers. If you have a link, just send me a tweet @JeGX.

  • WebGL intro (by SynRJ and FRequency) for demojs event in paris 1-2 july:

  • A trip through the Graphics Pipeline 2011: part 1 and part 2: an article, by Fabian ‘ryg’ Giesen (a member of the demogroup farbrausch), that discusses the API runtime, the user mode graphics driver and the kernel mode driver. Worthwhile reading!
  • freetype-py: Python bindings for the FreeType library. Only the high-level API is bound.
  • Making of the DX11 Ultra Upgrade for Crysis 2: a 28-page PDF, by Crytek Principal R&D Graphics Engineer, Tiago Sousa, about the re-creation of Crysis 2 in DX11 (source)!
  • Multi-Resolution Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion paper and OpenGL source code. According to the author, MRSSAO is simple, fast, general and easy to integrate.
  • Shmup: source code released. Shmup is a shoot’em up 3D engine specially designed for mobile platform and released on iOS in 2010. Shmup is coded in C with two rendering path: OpenGL ES 1.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0.
  • According to Peter Hallam (from the Visual Studio team at Microsoft), developers actually spend their days like this: writing new code: 5%, modifying existing code: 25% and understanding Code: 70%. Read more HERE.
  • 3D API War – History lesson: the tale of OpenGL vs Direct3D, the birth of GLSL by 3D Labs… and related comments at reddit
  • Intel OpenCL SDK Samples: the SDK includes six technology demonstrations as samples showcasing OpenCL usage for specific computational problems.
  • Introduction to C++ with Game Development: Part 1, Intro – Learning C++ in the context of game development.
  • ManyLoDs: Parallel Many-View Level-of-Detail Selection for Real-Time Global Illumination.

    We propose ManyLoDs, a new GPU algorithm to efficiently compute many LoDs from a Bounding Volume Hierarchy in parallel by balancing the workload within and among LoDs. Our approach is not specific to a particular rendering technique, can be used on lazy representations such as polygon soups, and can handle dynamic scenes. We apply our method to various many-view rasterization applications, including Instant Radiosity, Point-Based Global Illumination, and reflection / refraction mapping.

  • Multi-level Optimization of Matrix Multiplication for GPU-equipped Systems

    This paper presents results of our study on double-precision general matrix-matrix multiplication (DGEMM) for GPU-equipped systems. We applied further optimization to utilize the DGEMM stream kernel previously implemented for a Cypress GPU from AMD. We have examined the effects of different memory access patterns to the performance of the DGEMM kernel by changing its layout function. The experimental results show that the GEMM kernel with X-Morton layout function superiors to the one with any other functions in terms of performance and cache hit rate. Moreover, we have implemented a DGEMM routine for large matrices, where all data cannot be allocated in a GPU memory.

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    ThanX guys, graphics pipeline 2011 link updated (a nice bug from a copy/paste…)

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    Thank you so much for the links. Very helpful 🙂

    I just discovered ryg blog and it’s an awesome place with really interesting content ^^ .

  3. Ziple

    By the way, the sequel to “A trip through Graphics pipeline” is avalaible as of today 🙂

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