(Guest Post) NeoAxis Engine Overview

NeoAxis Engine demo

This is a guest post by Ivan Efimov, founder of NeoAxis Group. If you want to guest post on this blog, just contact us.

What is NeoAxis?

NeoAxis is a “Two-in-One” software: a multifunctional 3D engine and a complex instrument with which any beginner can create a simple 3D application while an experienced developer will have almost unlimited opportunities.

What can it do?

Any stuff a good should have:

  • NeoAxis Engine includes unique software environment used for creating project’s game logic. NeoAxis Game Object System is an integrated system including Game Object Editor, Map Editor and built-in networking support which enables game object synchronization on high-level.
  • NeoAxis has a powerful .NET based API. The power of NeoAxis Engine and .NET enables you to concentrate on development of the project logic and to obtain greatest speed and quality of development. Internally, the engine uses the power of unmanaged C/C++ components such as rendering, physics and audio for maximal performance.
  • Full-featured set of tools covers all areas of asset development. Toolset includes World Editor, Terrain Editor, Game Object Editor, GUI Editor, Effects Editor, Physical Model Editor, Material Editor.
  • Support of all major IDE’s including Microsoft Visual Studio, SharpDevelop and MonoDevelop.
  • Advanced physics simulation includes support of two physical engines (NVIDIA PhysX and ODE).
  • Ability to create windowed and non-game applications. The SDK includes examples of WinForms and WPF applications.
  • Rendering components include most of modern advanced features such as 64-bit HDR Rendering, Parallel-Split Shadow Maps, advanced animation support, post effect framework, realistic water shading, and more. NeoAxis is also optimized for a wider range of video cards. In addition to the support of modern video cards, NeoAxis supports integrated cards and laptop video cards.
  • Ready to marketplace deployment. NeoAxis powered games are already being sold on Steam, Impulse, Mac App Store, GamersGate.

Why NeoAxis?

The keystone of NeoAxis engine is its unprecedented functionality that may save you incredible amount of time and money. NeoAxis provides you with a complete toolset with which you can develop all aspects of your application without having to deal much with programming. NeoAxis also enables you to create cross-platform applications. Your projects can be easily run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This saves you a great deal of time, removing the necessity of transferring your application to different platforms.

To even further speed up the development process NeoAxis Group has included a set of already accomplished various game types (including First-person shooter, Third-Person Shooter, Real-time Strategy, Arcade) in the SDK. This enables the developer to avoid the process of creating project’s mechanics from the scratch, instead just modifying the existing game type according to developer’s requirements. Thus, you can concentrate on game design instead of having to write megabytes of code.

And the last but not the least: developing with NeoAxis is free! You only pay for commercial use and only once.

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