ASUS MARS II (Dual-GTX 580): Specs and PCB Details


We already know that ASUS’s MARS II is a massive and bulky card and the impressive multiphase VRM explains all.

The MARS II embarks a 20-phase VRM: 10 phases for each group of {GF110 + 1.5GB GDDR5}. 8 phases are reserved for each GPU whereas 2 phases are dedicated for each 1.5GB of GDDR5 memory.

The specs of the beast are the following:

  • GPU: 2 x GF110 @ 772MHz (2x512SP)
  • Memory: 2 x 1.5GB GDDR5 @ 1000MHz, 2 x 384-bit
  • Power connectors: three 8-pin PCI-E connectors
  • VRM: 20 phases: 8 phases per GPU + 2 phases per GPU memory

For comparison, the GTX 590, also powered by two GF110 @ 607MHz, has 5 phases per GPU.

The price of the MARS II should be around US $1000 and only 1000 samples will be produced.



4 thoughts on “ASUS MARS II (Dual-GTX 580): Specs and PCB Details”

  1. Charles Douglas

    It’s a shame that this video card did not come with 3GB of video ram per GPU. It would be perfect if so.

  2. Blackice504

    lol you know half the people that write those things are Writers not techs 3GB would make a difference if you running multiple screens it would buffer textures ect but the app must be able to use that mem but having it in multi-desktop mode + playing games or rendering or maybe playing a game + watching a movie that is where more Video Ram will make the difference also video editing prog’s are taking advantage of GPU’s now days as well.

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