8 thoughts on “Duke Nukem Forever: Launch Trailer”

  1. Psolord

    I’d still hit it…! lol

    If this isn’t a game with a serious attitude, I honestly don’t know which is.

    Unfortunately time had its toll on the game engine, but I bet it will be fun as f**k anyway! 😀

  2. MrcinaDelux

    So it’s build around Half Life 2 engine or Unreal 3, it’s after all comes from Gearbox, Valve…

  3. Leith

    I’m definitely gonna get this game when it releases!

    Duke Nukem 3D still makes me laugh

  4. Mars_999

    Ah memories of the old days!!!

    Yeah gfx are a bit dated but who cares good enough and fun something fresh to play again…. Good for some laughs!!

  5. komar

    i ve just finished the demo version and i can tell you that it was such a pleasure to try this babe..amazing it’s reminds me the good old days back to 96 when i was a dumbass teen …trying to setup up the first version of the game on my 486 dx 66 mhz with 12 MB ram … HDD of 120 MByted … just amazing like this demo .

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