NVIDIA R275.33 WHQL Display Drivers Released

NVIDIA R275.33 + GTX 560 + GPU Caps Viewer
R275.33 + ASUS GTX 560 DC2 TOP

This new set of display drivers supports all GeForce from GeForce 6 to the latest GeForce 500-series, as well as mobiles GPUs (notebook) and ION desktop GPUs. R275.33 is a bugfix release (read the release notes for more information).

This driver does not expose new OpenGL extensions (still 274, see HERE for the complete list) but, according to GPU Caps Viewer, is based on a new branch: R275_21-12 (the previous R275.27 was based on the branch R275_21-3).

PC desktop downloads

Notebook downloads

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  1. Squall Leonhart

    275-21 is the same branch, the build is just slightly higher.

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