(Update) ASUS MARS II Pictured: a three-Slot Behemoth for a real Dual-GTX 580!


ASUS MARS II Dual-GPU, dula GTX 580, GTX 590

ASUS’s upcoming ultra high-end graphics card seems to be a real behemoth. Like the GeForce GTX 590, this card embarks two GF110 GPUs (dual GTX 580) and, unlike the GTX 590, has real overclocking capabilities.

The PCB comes with three 8-pin PCI-E power connectors and a 19-phase VRM. The max (theoretical) power consumption of the card is 75 + 3*150 = 525W (see HERE to understand these 525W).


The GPU core should be clocked at 790MHz and 3GB of GDDR5 memory should be present on the board.




13 thoughts on “(Update) ASUS MARS II Pictured: a three-Slot Behemoth for a real Dual-GTX 580!”

  1. Razinal

    nVidia should’ve done something like this instead of releasing a a low OC card.

  2. Leith

    Wait a minute. Are you saying it only has 1.5GB per GPU?

    Recent testing by HardOCP showed that the 5970 beats the 590 in a lot of games as the 1.5GB is not enough RAM for games when using 3 screens and anti aliasing.

    It needs to have at least 2GB per GPU otherwise this card will not be able to reach it’s full potential.

  3. Komar

    Even a 5970 clocked to 1ghz / 5200 MHz gddr5(like mine) can achieve close or even better performance results on most benchmark / games in 1080p aax8 afx16

  4. Stonerboy779

    This card is pathetic, you could buy two evga gtx580s with waterblocks. Then give both of them there own water-cooling loop with dual 140 mm fan radiators.
    Then proceed to oc well beyond what this card could ever do and still run under 50C at load. All the while spending less. I spent the cost of this card on my last gtx 560 ti sli build, that’s how ridiculous the cost is.

  5. mattyamdfanboi

    lol @ stonerboy

    i tend to agree.. i have a pair of 580s in sli.. that destroy this card.. and i saved myself about 500.. which means that i will get another 580.. making that tri sli for the price of this stupid card.. if this card was 1k, then it might be worth it.. but twice as much as a 590? for only 22% better performance?? no thanks.. just get another 590 and put this card to shame..

  6. amigatek

    The ASUS MarsII GFX Card is a Beast of a Card and I’m still overwhelmed by the Sheer Size of it and would love to buy it just for fun and knowing I have the Fastest GFX card on the Planet!!. But I’m finding it very difficult to justify the cost and even though ASUS cleverly called this card a Limited Edition by making only 999 of them is enticing!.

    Will only provide little comfort to my pocket in the near future say 6 – 12 months from now with newer and faster GPU’s, the MarsII will be a Limited Edition BRICK!

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