New GTX 590 with Stronger VRM Circuitry Will be Released


Interesting news for dual-GPU fanatics. According to VR-Zone, NVIDIA is redesigning the PCB of its GTX 590 and should release in June 2011 a new GTX 590 with improved and stronger VRMs.

Do you remember?

[youtube sRo-1VFMcbc]

To make VRM circuitry stronger, NVIDIA will add new and larger inductors (and certainly new MOSFETs and capacitors). But these modifications wil affect the reference PCB design and VGA cooler makers will certainly go back to the drawing boards…


3 thoughts on “New GTX 590 with Stronger VRM Circuitry Will be Released”

  1. farmerJoe

    Maybe they should copy Radeon this time or again after that vapor chamber, for what card did Radeon replace VRM or was short on supply or something it was here on Geeks3D?

  2. Stefem

    Hope they don’t, the radeon’s VRM squeal like a scared piglet :).

  3. farmerJoe

    That’s capacitors doing the job, better stay away from any FurMark. I had Sapphire 3870 it was doing gentle Honda motorcycle sounds after turn on, i love it back than.

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