dEngine: OpenGL ES Rendering Engine for iPhone, Source Code Available

dEngine: OpenGL ES Rendering Engine for iPhone, Source Code Available

Fabien Sanglard, a canadian coder (I must say I like his website, simple and neat!), has released the source code of an OpenGL ES rendering engine he wrote back in 2009. This engine called dEngine (again a simple choice!) can be seen as a good introduction of OpenGL ES programming for iPhone. The engine is written in pure C.

Most of the OpenGL ES and shader management code is localized in the renderer_prog.c file. dEngine uses an uber-shader to reduce branching in the fragment shader. The uber-shader contains the code for different kind of materials delimited by some #idef. Final shaders for rendering are generated during the execution and are cached.

Here is a code snippet of the uber-shader used in

  bump		=  texture2D(s_bumpMap, v_texcoord).rgb * 2.0 - 1.0;
  lamberFactor  =  max(0.0,dot(lightVec, bump) );
  specularFactor = max(0.0,pow(dot(halfVec,bump),materialShininess)) ;
  lamberFactor  =  max(0.0,dot(lightVec, v_normal) );
  specularFactor = max(0.0,pow(dot(halfVec,v_normal),materialShininess)) ;

  vec3 matTextColor = texture2D(s_specularMap, v_texcoord).rgb; 
  vec3 matTextColor = matColorSpecular;

More details and source code download of this iPhone / OpenGL ES engine HERE. You can find other details HERE.

And don’t forget id Software version of Wolf3D for iPhone. You can download Wolf3D for iPhone HERE.

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  1. WacKEDmaN

    downloaded doom and quake1,2,3 ports for my cheap 7″ tablet runnin android 2.1 and supporting OpenGL ES1.0…without any specialised graphics hardware..

    it manages to get about 5fps!.. i need to upgrade now ive been bitten by the Android!

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