NVIDIA R270.61 WHQL Released for All GeForce Cards

GPU Caps Viewer Lite (GPU Toolkit 0.2.0), R270.61 + GTX 480

NVIDIA has just published the first WHQL-certified driver from the Release 270 family (R270.xx to R274.xx). The R270.61 driver supports GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500-series desktop GPUs as well as ION desktop GPUs.

This driver increases the performances for GeForce 400 Series and 500 Series GPUs in several PC games compared to R266.58 and depending on the game, you can see a gain up to 516% (Dragon Age 2, SLI 2560×1600 8xAA/16xAF Very High, SSAO on) 😉

R270.61 is an OpenGL 4.1 driver (GeForce GTX 400 and GTX 500) and an OpenGL 3.3 driver for other GeForce cards. For the complete list of OpenGL extensions, visit this post.

R270.61 is based on a new R270_40-18 branch.

R270.61 WHQL Downloads

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9 thoughts on “NVIDIA R270.61 WHQL Released for All GeForce Cards”

  1. IRebic

    “depending on the game, you can see a gain up to 516% (Dragon Age 2, SLI 2560×1600 8xAA/16xAF Very High, SSAO on)”

    You mean 5.16, right???

  2. Promilus

    Old drivers min fps 2
    new drivers min fps 10
    500% improvement
    It doesn’t affect max fps 😉 At least not that much.

  3. Minmin Gong

    All my programs with drawbuffers fail in 270.xx. All render target have the same data. Does anyone meet this problem?:(

  4. Psolord

    Hey JegX welcome back.

    I’ve been doing some testing on my GTX 570 SLI setup. With the 266 driver I was getting a ridiculous 40fps average with borh cards running, 1920X1080+4XAA,DX11+SSAO

    Now with the 270 I am getting 60fps average.

    The problem is that I don’t see anything to justify this kind of framerate. The game is just ridiculous.

    Crysis 2 runs at 60fps with a single card at extreme settings, looks and feels much better and has much more action going on at the same time. I honestly don’t know what BIOWARE were thinking.

    For me, technically, Dragon Age 2 is the Black Ops of RPGs and even worse.

  5. ltcommander.data

    What are nVidia’s plans for OpenCL? Are there significant difficulties in them getting an OpenCL 1.1 version out like ATI?

  6. Zorg

    ltcommander.data: On the GeForce side they must support CUDA first, until they have a platform. This is pure business, nothing more.
    Without a platform they already lost the most of the PC market. The only way to change this process is the support of proprietary technologies just like CUDA.

  7. de leeuw

    IRebic dit:(j’ai parcouru en diagonale les autres comentaires)516% “vous voulez dire 5,16…

    Or 516% = 516/100 = 5,16 !

    Ceci n’est qu’une parenthèse sympath. Ton calcul était correct quoi? Mais fais gaffe si tu fait de la programmation certains signes ont d’autres significations…Bàt Marc

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