AMD Radeon HD 6790 Launched

AMD Radeon HD 6790

Radeon HD 6790 Overview

AMD has officially launched a new Barts-based graphics card: the Radeon HD 6790. This card is based on the Barts LE GPU and features 800 stream processors, 1024MB of GDDR5 memory. Depending on the model, the board embarks one or two 6-pin power connectors allowing for better overclocking capabilities. The Radeon HD 6790 targets NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 550 Ti.

The Radeon HD 6790 is the refresh of the old Radeon HD 5830. Actually, all GPUs that didn’t pass the HD 6850 / HD 6870 test, are recycled in the HD 6790…

The HD 6790 is a nice card for playing at 1680×1050. Higher resolutions are also possible but with lower settings (depending on the game).

Radeon HD 6790 features

  • GPU: Barts LE @ 840MHz
  • Shader processors: 800
  • Memory: 1024MB GDDR5 @ 4200MHZ effective speed (or 1050MHz real speed), 256-bit
  • Texture units: 40
  • ROPs: 16
  • GFlops single precision: 1344 (GTX 550 Ti: 691)
  • APIs: OpenGL 4.1, Direct3D 11, OpenCL 1.1, DirectCompute
  • TDP: 150W
  • Power connectors: one or two 6-pin
  • CrossFire: single connector
  • Price: US $150, 130 euros

AMD Radeon HD 6790, GPU-Z

AMD Radeon HD 6790

Power consumption and Temperatures

AMD Radeon HD 6790, power consumption, FurMark

AMD Radeon HD 6790, GPU temperature, FurMark



AMD Radeon HD 6790, performance, Crysis 2

AMD Radeon HD 6790, performance, Metro 2033


AMD Radeon HD 6790, performance, Wolfenstein


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  1. msweed4life

    whoaaaaa! this card is sucessor of great HD5770 AMD rulez!!!! thank´s for information JeGX!!

  2. JEskandari

    Well I guess still a gtx460 768mb would be better choice as both card if I’m not wrong have the same price .

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