(Download) Free Games: TubeRoll (16k) and SpaceRace (64k)

Free video game: SpaceRace

Both games take place in a tunnel. In TubeRoll you have to collect green balls (and avoid red ones) while SpaceRace is a… race. Both games are small, very small from a disk size point of view: 4k for TubeRoll (XP version and 16k for Vista/Seven) disk and 64k for SpaceRace.

Free video game: tubeRoll

These games do not use D3D or OpenGL (I didn’t see dependencies with GL or D3D libs) so you should manage to enjoy these games on any system…

You can download TubeRoll and SpaceRace video games here:

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One thought on “(Download) Free Games: TubeRoll (16k) and SpaceRace (64k)”

  1. JasonX

    Hmm, SpaceRace’s menu makes my Athlon II X2 CPU usage hit the roof. They should’ve implemented a hardware renderer … but I suppose that would have been too simple for an already simple game.

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