16 thoughts on “Hidden Message at TPU about the GTX 590”

  1. DrBalthar

    Yep right they are! Unfortunately they reshuffled it in the mean time. Guess too many nVidia fanboys were complaining

  2. enwgido

    This is cool!! A inmature reviewer, aka Wizzard, making a big boo about his clumsiness.

    Maybe he needs some mature thinking about make overclock with some sense. 1,2V … fuckxxx maggxx, this is the OC of a noob!! And the final score and “hidden message” is the cry of a child. xD

  3. Trucu

    That is the sensation I have after waiting for a delayed card.I expected better.Anyway the card has a bigger potential, just with the clock settings of the gtx 580. But for now AMD has the crown.

  4. Promilus

    @Trucu – to get such clocks you need improved VRM which can handle bigger currents. That would probably require one more power plug (6pin). That would also require improved cooling so bigger fan and radiator (and more noise). In most GTX590s that “580 clocks potential” will be unusable.

  5. komar

    the fact is 1.2V on both die isnt enough to fry chicken dude …the thermal design is faulty …

    my two years old HD 5970 .. the vcore bumped from stock V1.065 to v1.33 with air custom cooling (accelero xtreme )

    to reach + 250 mhz on the GPU ‘s (725 mhz –)975mhz )

    …and + 250 mhz from stock gddr5 (1000-) 1250 mhz Qdr)

    no loud , Oc rock solid, no issues at all even no sparkles….

    infact my hardware runs like a GTX590 on 3dmark benchmark …im pretty proud of it …


    guess what? i score 2954 pt 3d mark11 – Xtreme preset. with only one 5970 and a poor q9550 @3.91) )…

  6. JEskandari

    Well I must admit Wizzard acted a little unprofessional this matter

    and by the way I cant agree with him on high Fan noise and another matter I guess its irrelevant in
    that conclusion is the fact that they give the card a negative point for not being faster than
    Hd6990 .
    and what’s this limited relevance of Dx11 ?

  7. Trucu

    Most people are getting around 680Mhz with stock voltage and coolers, the noise isnt much louder and the temp is almost the same. Some did a minimum voltage twiking 1.0v to 1.05v and have reached 800Mhz.

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  9. DrBalthar

    The problem is still the whole 5xx nVidia series is another lost generation just like the 4xx. The performance isn’t better but their chip is far bigger than AMDs. Nvidia’s design philosophy is flawed!

  10. enwgido


    You said this:

    “my two years old HD 5970 .. the vcore bumped from stock V1.065 to v1.33 with AIR CUSTOM COOLING (accelero xtreme )”

    Are you joking? Do you test this same voltage with STOCK COOLING? ¬¬

    Otherwise, 1,2V is a little (very) more about 0,94V that yours 1,35V vs 1,065V. (+26% vs +28%). This extra voltage are going to a massive thermal/electrical power, around to a +63% WITHOUT any overclock of frequencies.

    BUT any 5970 with stock cooling has a chance to survive with this overvolt. And this is with a graphic Card with a very different TDP, different and very smaller than the TDP of the GTX 590 or the HD6990. Take their TDPs and make a furious Overclock/overvolt and go with them to a +100% of power consumption, or more. (palm face) ¬¬

    The HD6990 is in a “safe place” thanks for its limited overvoltage (1,2V, +6% vs AUSUM). No more no less.

    The mathematics of this issue are very simple (basic electronic), BUT the obtused minds that are playing this dangerous game of Overclocking have a problem with this fact.

    Wizzard makes a very unfair review because his clumsiness.

  11. Promilus

    @enwgido – if OCP in 6990 is working the right way it’ll never allow to reach point where it uses 60% more energy than it’s TDP. PowerTune allows to +20% margin. So if you push voltage too high OCP will REDUCE frequency – the card will be SLOWER. HD5k has same mechanism but not controllable over PowerTune (so when it approaches specified limit freq. is lowered – that sometimes causes ov+oc cards to be actually slower than oc only in some games). If mechanism fails…there will be smoke. But again – it rarely fails as there were few dozens of HD5970s and 6990s reviewed and none died during testing. But there were a few GTX590s which did! So it’s OCP is not working properly and they had to “patch it” trough software.

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