PC Version of Crysis 2 is a Console Port and Nothing More

PC Version of Crysis 2 is a Console Port and Nothing More

Want to know why the PC version of Crysis 2 is a deception? Here are some answers:

“For starters, the game doesn’t support DX11.”

“PC gamers don’t want gimmick DX11 effects. As the game is not developed with the DX11 in mind, we won’t get the tessellation results of (let’s say) the Unigine ‘Heaven’ Benchmark.”

“And for the love of God, how come there aren’t any advanced settings as we are talking about a PC game?”

“To add more salt to PC gamers wounds, Crytek didn’t include any modding tools or an editor to the PC version of Crysis 2. This basically means that Crytek is turning their back to their big modding community.”

“All in all, the PC version of Crysis 2 is a console port and nothing more.”

“Crytek should blame themselves for letting down their PC fanbase and offering them a simple console port that lacks features that made Crysis what it is today. Maximum disappointment!”

Just read this article for the complete story: How Crytek doomed Crysis 2′s PC version .

13 thoughts on “PC Version of Crysis 2 is a Console Port and Nothing More”

  1. DrBalthar

    Crytek dropped the ball for PC but they still make more money with it than Crysis 1. Even if it is not so good it still will sell more units on consoles if it had been a uber PC-only-game.

  2. WacKEDmaN

    im guessing DX11 will be released in a patch..
    and the editor available as a seperate download..

    ive got the leaked beta and it has the editor included..

    maybe crytek dropped dx11 and the editor coz of the leak?

  3. msweed4life

    crytek sucks disappointment!!!
    nvidia sucks4ever fuck off nvidiots and poor GTX590 Burn !!!

  4. mike kitchen

    will wait for the copy to go torrent and download, people go out and spend loads of cash on hi-end cards to get a downgrade with no dx11, i think crytek will make there money on this game title , but not from pc owners, no way will i spend £30 on a downgrade version of crysis, what a shame 🙁

  5. James

    Agree with what mike said, Im going to get a copy from a torrent. Im not gonna pay for a Pc game not actually designed for a pc. Love how the companys will say piracy is killing pc gaming more like the lazy game developers offering Games not for pc’s and anyone who disagrees with what i said should look at minecraft he sold alot of copy’s becuase it was what it was.

  6. Athlonite

    I also agree with James and Mike if game devs want to stop piracy of their games then make them run/look better on PC….. If I wanted to play a shitty console game I’d buy a shitty console but I don’t so I wont I guess game devs are just lazy sons of biatchs that can’t be arsed to do their job properly

  7. SugarSoSweet

    I knew it was going to be a console port. Crytek are liars they deserve to die for this. Turning their backs on dedciated PC buyers like me

  8. Drakman

    When I DL’d Crysis back in the day, after a day or two of gameplay I went out and bought it – because it was well-made and worth every cent.

    This one is such a painfully obvious port – I cannot help but feel cheated…or at least I would if I’d bought it.

    Your move, EA.

  9. king6666

    Fuck Crytek, they screwed Crysis 2 in every way..

    1)No DX11
    2)Graphics(textures)really sucks.
    3)Small Environments…Draw Distance too low.
    4)Very limited Destructible Objects/Environment
    5)Gameplay sucks..its like playing COD with a fuckin nanosuit on top of it.
    6)Soldiers, Tanks borrowed from Halo
    7)Suit menu replaced with hot keys…very lame
    8)Stupid Alien models with laser effects
    9)Extremely childish game

    What the hell were they thinking? They betrayed the PC community to attract 12years old kids to increase sales??..MAXIMUM DISAPPOINTMENT.

    Gonna think twice before buying any future Crysis release now..Crysis 2 is not even worth downloading.

  10. doggod

    Hey king6666 im 12 years old and i absolutely hate this game for most of your same reason’s except 1,8,7, and 9 it was very disappointing for me there advanced AI was used back in 2005 in F.E.A.R. and no manual saving in a PC game is bull****. The suit menu replaced with hot key’s was so much more easy to use and the amount of time you could use in suit powers was a big improvement but it still didn’t make up for all the flaws in the game. People should stop useing my age group as an example were not all stupid now good day.

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